Harry Potter
Anne Stokes
Lisa Parker


Legend of the Ghidorah 30cm
Tree Spirit Treasure Box 13cm
Eggling Hoard 5cm
Defend the Hoard (Set of 4) 10cm
Little Hordlings (Set of 3) 7cm
Familiar Friends 18cm
Whiskered Wizard 14cm


Adult Forest Dragon (AS) 25.5cm
Hear No Evil Stormtrooper 10cm
Aracnafaria 23cm
Alba 20cm

Alba 20cm


Reptillian 17cm

Reptillian 17cm


Archangel - Raphael 35cm


Draco Candela (AS) 18cm
Gothic Roses Goblet 18cm
Obsidian 25cm

Obsidian 25cm


Protector of Magick (LP) 17cm

About Us

Dragon Slayer Gifts - About Us

fantasy collectiblesdragons merchandise and gothic decorations

 At Dragonslayers Gifts, we're all about bringing you the coolest and most magical collectables out there. 


Our shop is packed with everything from fierce dragons to enchanting fantasy items, spooky gothic decor, and much more. 


We started this journey to share our love for these amazing pieces. Whether you're decorating your space or searching for the perfect gift, we've got something special for everyone. 


Our Journey


For about 8 years, we set up shop at markets, sharing our passion for mythical collectables face-to-face. But when COVID-19 hit, like many others, we had to find a new way to reach our customers. 

That's when we took our business online, starting with Etsy to keep offering our handmade treasures. Now, we've launched our own website,, to bring our entire range of Nemesis Now products and more directly to you. 


This shift wasn't easy, but it's shown us that no matter what, we can keep connecting with our community and sharing the magic of our collectables.


Passion for Mythical Collectibles


My love for dragons and mythical creatures goes way back. I've been collecting dragon figurines for years, each with a story and magic. 

This hobby of mine turned into a dream—to share this passion with others. That's how Dragonslayers Gifts was born. 


It wasn't just about selling products but creating a place where fellow fans could find pieces that spark joy and wonder, just like they did for me. Every item in our store is a piece of that dream, a way for me to share my love for these incredible beings with you.


Commitment to Quality and Variety


We're serious about bringing you the best. That means high-quality Nemesis Now products that look amazing and last long. Our website is like a treasure chest, filled with items for everyone interested in dragons, fantasy, and gothic themes. 

We've got angels, anime figures, band merchandise, comic characters, fairies, gaming collectables, horror items, owls, sci-fi, skeletons, skulls, unicorns, witchcraft, and even Wiccan stuff. 


We want to make sure that no matter what you love, you can find something special here that fits your taste perfectly.


Future Goals and Community Engagement

 We aim to be the top spot in the UK for Nemesis Now products. 

 Soon, we'll start promoting our cool finds on social media to reach more of you. 

 Plus, we're setting up an affiliate program to help spread the word and give back to our community. 


We're all about growing together and sharing a love for mythical collectables.


Have A Look Around


Step into our world at Dragonslayers Gifts and see what treasures you can find. 


We're excited to welcome new visitors and share our collection of mythical and fantasy collectables, dragons merchandise and gothic decorations with you. 


Take a look around and find something that lights up your imagination.

Original Stormtrooper Nemesis Now