Dagda King of Tuatha De Danann 18.5cm

Dagda King of Tuatha De Danann 18.5cm

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Cast in the finest resin before being given a bronzed finish, this mystical God is from alternative brand Nemesis Now's Giftware Collection. The Dagda, or good god, was a Celtic deity and the club-wielding chief of the Irish Tuatha d Danann. Highly skilled and wise beyond measure, he was associated with fertility, agriculture, life, and death. He wielded three sacred treasures: a cauldron of plenty, a club of life and death, and a harp that controlled men and seasons alike, all of which can be seen in this image.
* Bronze Celtic Deity Figurine.
* Cast in the finest resin.
* Lovingly hand-painted.
* Size 15.5*16.5*18.5cm

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