Lolita 12cm

Lolita 12cm

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Created by Nemesis Now, this dark Fantasy figurine is part of the Gothic Little Shadows range. Wearing a crown bearing a skull, this Gothic Fairy stares at you longingly, her red-and-blue tinged wings casually open behind her. She kneels to the side, her red and black skirt flaring up behind her, as she leans on a large skull. The skull has the teeth and nose highlighted in read, with rose patterns and a large spades symbol painted on, and gold detailing on the rest of it. This dark Fantasy figurine is an essential inclusion to any Gothic collection, and makes a perfect gift or conversation piece.
* Kneeling Lolita leans on her sugar skull companion sporting beautifully pink-tipped locks.
* She stares calmly into the distance.
* Cast in the finest resin.
* Lovingly hand-painted.

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