Octonium Bookends 26.5cm

Octonium Bookends 26.5cm

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From alternative masters Nemesis Now, this bronzed set of bookends would make the perfect addition to the office of any technologically-minded necromancer! Staring straight ahead, this skull is formed from layers of riveted metal, covered in pipes, gauges, gears and screws. Split directly through the centre, the 2 halves of this automaton skull can be used to keep your favourite novels upright on any shelf. Below the cranium, a set of mechanically enhanced tenacles is attached, gripping to the metallic surface below. Cast in high-quality resin before being finished in a brassy bronze, this set of bookends would make a fantastic gift for any Steampunk scientist!
* Mechanical Octopus Bookends.
* Cast in high-quality resin.
* Painstakingly hand-painted.
* Perfect for holding up your favourite novels.

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