Only Love Remains (AS) 26cm

Only Love Remains (AS) 26cm

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Immortalised in resin by Nemesis Now, this figurine comes from the dark Gothic imagination of world-renowned Fantasy artist Anne Stokes. Standing with head bowed, a white-haired Fairy wears a long white lace dress, white wings open behind her with the same pattern repeated on them. Head bowed and eyes closed, she holds a small bouquet of red roses to her face, lost in a reverie. After everything that has happened, after all that was said and done, all that is left is love. That's all she has. From Anne Stokes' Gothic Fantasy imagination, this figurine projects an air of calm and contemplation and is a wonderful gift for those who have hidden depths to them.
* Only Love Remains Fantasy Figurine by Anne Stokes
* Beautifully detailed and hand-painted.
* Size 26cm
* Weight 1kg

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