Pawzuph 11cm

Pawzuph 11cm

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From the bewitching minds of alternative brand Nemesis Now's in-house design team comes Pawzuph the Horned Cat. This cat is the union of good and evil. The black cat, sits and stares at you adoringly. As you look into its black eyes you notice the darkness that resides. Inside this cat appears to be the spirit of Baphomet, encapsulated by goat horns and satanic symbology. Cast in high-quality resin and carefully hand-painted this figurine is likely to be the cutest occultist you've ever seen. This amalgamation of horror and delight will make the perfect addition to any feline fanatic's collection.
* Scarily adorable horned cat figurine.
* Adorned with small skulls, pentagrams and moons.
* Cast in the finest resin.
* Lovingly hand-painted.

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