The Reapers Search 34.5cm

The Reapers Search 34.5cm

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From alternative brand Nemesis Now's giftware collection, this angel of death is a stunning addition to any collection. Holding a lamp in his left hand and a chain of skulls in his right, this Grim Reaper Figurine's wings are unfurled from flight. The lamp is lit with an orange LED, adding an extra dimension to the piece.** To change the battery** Remove the lantern from the Reaper's hand. Pull off the bottom of the lantern to reveal the battery compartment. Replace the batteries with 3 x AG3 or LR41 batteries.
* Angel of Death Light Up Figurine.
* Cast in the finest resin.
* Expertly hand-painted.
* Use 3 x AG3 or LR41 batteries to power the lantern.

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